CTRP Communication and Support

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How does NCI communicate about CTRP?

Channels of communication include email, phone calls, conferences, webinars, and websites. The NCI holds a “CTRP User Call” that is open to anyone interested in CTRP, featuring important updates and information vital to the CTRP User community. The CTRP Program Director also conducts Cancer Center Outreach calls with individual cancer centers. These Outreach calls allow key CTRP staff at the center to discuss any issues they may be facing, and to allow the CTRP Program Director to review data from the center to validate its accuracy.

Is there a mailing list to receive CTRP communications?

Yes. Please send an email to the CTRO mailbox ncictro@mail.nih.gov and request to be added to the CTRP communications email list.

What type of training or orientation will be provided?

No special certification is required to submit trials to CTRP. The CTRP Registration Site User Guide and the CTRP Accrual User Guide are available to the NCI cancer community on the NCI website. The NCI CTRP Registration Site also contains extensive online instructions. Users wishing a more personalized learning experience can contact the CTRO at ncictro@mail.nih.gov and request a 1-on-1 training session for staff at their center.

Whom can I contact for assistance?

If you have questions or comments regarding CTRP, please contact us at ncictro@mail.nih.gov. If they are unable to answer your questions, they will forward on your questions to the NCI CTRP Leadership.