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Helpful Tools 

Find information on international grants, global resources, and ongoing activities with DCCPS Tobacco Control Research Branch International and Global Health Activities.
Tobacco Control Research Branch - International and Global Health Activities

Global Cancer Project Map is a new, interactive, web-based tool that catalogs international programs related to cancer research, care, and outreach.
Global Cancer Project Map

Download the Knowledge Summaries of Comprehensive Breast Cancer Control:
Improving Access to Breast Cancer Care
Planning Comprehensive Breast Cancer Programs: Call to Action
Early Detection: Breast Health Awareness and Early Detection Strategies
Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention
Early Detection: Breast Cancer Physiology and the Clinical Breast Exam

Explore selected resources on planning and capacity-building for cancer control, national cancer plans, and global cancer control initiatives and policies.
International Cancer Control Partnership

Find helpful online seminars from the NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare.
NIH Laboratory Animal Welfare Education Resources

Discover NCI’s online resource and collaboration tool that supports professionals involved in the process of recruiting and retaining participants to clinical trials.
Accrual Net

Online Seminars and Educational Videos

Documents and Reports

  • Posted: June 23, 2014