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Managing the Nation’s Cancer Research Portfolio

NCI-Designated Cancer Centers

Outside the Washington Beltway, when the public thinks about NCI or about cancer research more generally, chances are they’re thinking about research and care at one of the nation’s 68 NCI-designated Cancer Centers.  Represented in every region of the United States, these Cancer Centers are NCI’s “boots on the ground” in conducting leading-edge basic research, driving informatics and genomic applications in cancer diagnosis and treatment, recruiting patients for clinical trials, and developing and testing new standards of practice in cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and care.

NCI’s 68 Designated Cancer Centers, located in 34 states plus the District of Columbia, form the national backbone of the Institute’s programs for studying and controlling cancer. The Centers are the primary source of new discoveries into cancer’s causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. They deliver up-do-date care to patients and their families, inform healthcare professionals and the general public, and offer the potential to reach many diverse, and often underserved and understudied, patient populations.  Every state with a density of more than 150 people per square mile contains at least one NCI-designated Cancer Center.

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NCI-Designated Cancer Centers