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Managing the Nation’s Cancer Research Portfolio

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NCI Center for Cancer Genomics

Pursuing the genetic foundations of many cancers is a vital component of NCI’s current research, and such genetic and genomic studies comprise a great proportion of the institute’s research portfolio. our principal task in the years ahead—for NCI and for the entire cancer research enterprise—will be managing huge volumes of data; standardizing how tissue samples are collected, sequenced, and analyzed; and encouraging donations of tissue samples from patients.

Recognizing the power of genomics, NCI recently established a Center for Cancer Genomics, with a mission of developing and applying genome science to better diagnose and treat cancer patients. NCI is supporting research to identify the genetic drivers of cancer, to advance adoption of precise tumor diagnosis and treatment, to prepare patients and their doctors for the changes in medical care influenced by genomics, and to protect privacy without blocking treatment or research.

The Center for Cancer Genomics promotes opportunities to work with other agencies and community physicians to usher in a modern era of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention based on the study of genomes, gene expression, proteomics, and other technologies. Right now, NCI is working with the cancer research community to ask: What are the key scientific opportunities? What is the best and speediest path to the clinic? Where are the bottlenecks in discovery, trial design, and standard of care? How can we best exploit the sequencing of tumors in clinical practice to drive further discovery? Explore more about how these questions are being addressed: