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Budget, Planning, and Legislative Activities

In support of the National Cancer Program, NCI participates in a range of budget, planning, and legislative activities. These include developing the President’s Budget Request for NCI, preparing the NCI Annual Plan and Professional Judgment Budget (also known as the Bypass Budget), and developing the financial components of the NCI Fact Book, which contains data about how the NCI spends its budget in a given fiscal year. NCI also responds to requests from Congress about the NCI budget.

Explore the NCI Cancer Research Funding Fact Sheet

NCI Budget Formulation & Justification

Building on Opportunities in Cancer Research
The strategic investments described in this document provide vision and direction for the nationwide community of researchers, clinicians, public health workers, healthcare providers, patients, advocates, and policymakers working to defeat cancer.

NCI Professional Judgment Budget Archive
Download PDFs of NCI's annual planning documents for previous fiscal years.

NCI Congressional Justification
Explore the justification, data, and information that support the President's Budget Request for NCI, which is submitted to Congress each year, and find links to Congressional appropriations hearing transcripts and reports.

Consequences of Inflation and the Budget Control Act on Funding for NCI Research
Learn about the impact of inflation (as measured by the Biomedical Research and Development Price Index) and the Budget Control Act on actual, proposed, and projected funding for NCI.

NCI Office of Budget & Finance (OBF)
Learn how the OBF advises the NCI Office of the Director and senior NCI staff on all aspects of the NCI budget.

Historical Spending

NCI Budget Fact Book
Learn how NCI funds were distributed among various research programs and funding mechanisms in 2013 and download past Fact Book PDFs.

Interactive Budget Analysis Tool
This tool provides an interactive overview of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) budget and Fact Book data.

Legislative Activities

Office of Government and Congressional Relations
OGCR facilitates the relationships between NCI, Congress, and the general public, provides Freedom of Information and Privacy Act services, and supports General Accountability Office investigations.

  • Posted: December 21, 2014