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NCI's Cancer Information Service (CIS)

Who should contact the CIS?

NCI's CIS can help you whether you are a patient or cancer survivor, a concerned family member or friend, a health care provider, or someone who has been touched in some way by cancer.

Patients, family members, friends, and the general public

Our information specialists can answer your questions about cancer. If you aren't sure what materials may be right for you, we can help you choose ones that address your situation, and e-mail or send them to you at no charge. We can also help you navigate the NCI Web site,, to help you find what you are looking for.

While we can provide answers to many questions and help you understand more about cancer, please understand that NCI'S CIS information specialists do not take the place of a doctor and cannot provide medical advice.

We can help you find quality cancer care including how to get a second opinion, find cancer treatment centers, mammography facilities, other cancer organizations, and cancer related services. We can also tell you about clinical trials (research studies) and provide tailored clinical trial searches for those who are interested in participating in one.

Health care providers

NCI's CIS can be a valuable resource for doctors and other health care providers by supplementing information that patients receive during their office visits. We are also a great place to direct your patients who are interested in quitting smoking. Our information specialists are knowledgeable and caring, and our service is free of charge.

With the Internet so accessible, many patients are searching for cancer information on their own and have many questions about cancer. Because NCI is a reliable source for scientifically based cancer information, we can help.

In addition to providing general cancer information, and treatment and side effect information, we can talk to patients about other needs, too, including coping and life after cancer treatment. Our information specialists can also conduct tailored clinical trials searches for patients interested in participating in clinical studies.

We can also help direct you to NCI's peer reviewed cancer treatment and supportive care summaries, NCI news releases, patient education booklets and brochures, and other sources of cancer information that are of interest.

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