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Harold Varmus & PLoS Win WIRED Award

June 2004 - Harold Varmus has won a "Rave Award" from Wired magazine, along with his Public Library of Science (PLoS) cofounders Patrick Brown and Michael Eisen.

PLoS, a nonprofit coalition of scientists dedicated to making scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource, was founded in October 2000 to advocate for open access to scientific publications. With open access, digital versions of published articles can be read, used, distributed, and reproduced in any medium without fees, as long as the work and its authors are properly cited. Open access also means that the full text of an article is placed in a fully searchable public digital archive such as PubMed Central, the online archive at the National Institutes of Health.

PLoS is also a publisher of open-access journals. Its first peer-reviewed journal, PLoS Biology, was launched online in October 2003. The journal covers all fields in biology, from genetics to cell biology to evolution. A second peer-reviewed journal, PLoS Medicine, will begin publishing in the fall of 2004. More information about PLoS and access to its journals can be found at

The Wired Rave Awards are given to "mavericks, dreamers, and innovators" in the fields of art, medicine, politics, and other areas. Additional 2004 winners were Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, architect Zaha Hadid, and founder Jeff Bezos.

Press release, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center