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Cancer Research in Europe

Liaison Office in Brussels, Belgium

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Global Health (CGH) Liaison Office in Brussels, Belgium, supports the mission of the NCI-CGH, to reduce the global burden of cancer by supporting cancer research and cancer control, leveraging partnerships, assessing research needs and efforts, and catalyzing information dissemination and capacity building worldwide. 

Located in the European capital, the NCI-CGH Liaison Office's role is to assist the CGH in furthering and coordinating collaborations and communications with a diverse range of international stakeholders and partners. 

The office promotes the interchange of information, ideas and scientific expertise between the NCI/NIH and its partners from the European Region in order to create unique networks and advance rapid progress in cancer research on a global scale.

NCI's activities in Brussels began in 1972 as part of NCI's Division of Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis to promote the acquisition of new potential anti-cancer agents from Europe for NCI's screening programs.

Over the years the Liaison Office activities rapidly expanded to include organization of joint symposia, initiation and coordination of exchange programs, launching of a clinical monitoring program, and an agreement with the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) to coordinate submission of clinical trials to the NCI clinical trials registry PDQ®.

Numerous other collaborations have been established since, and as part of the NCI's global strategy the office has recently become part of NCI's Center for Global Health which is directed by Dr. Ted Trimble, to promote and facilitate the CGH mission in the European Region.

All-Ireland NCI Cancer Consortium

The goal of the All-Ireland National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Consortium is to reduce the incidence and mortality of cancer on the island of Ireland, which has among the highest rates of cancer in Europe. The Consortium is regarded as a major step toward enhancing diplomatic relations between the United States, Ireland, and Northern Ireland, bringing the governments of the United States and both part of the island together in the fight against cancer.

Contact NCI in Europe

The NCI Center for Global Health (CGH) Liaison Office staff can reply to inquiries in English, French and German.

NCI Center for Global Health (CGH) Liaison Office

Av. Emmanuel Mounier 83
PO box 10
B-1200 Brussels

Tel:   +32/2/772.22.17
Fax:   +32/2/770.47.54