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Cancer Research in China

The National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Center for Global Health (CGH) promotes, supports, and informs the development of cooperative research projects between U.S. and Chinese scientists, research teams, and institutions to accelerate progress against cancer.

Now is a unique time for the NCI to build cooperation in China, as the Chinese Government has recently made substantial investments in several areas of science and technology, and many Chinese-born scientists who have trained in the United States are returning to China to assume leadership positions in key research institutions. This provides a unique opportunity both to work with world-class scientists and to participate in the development of China's biomedical research enterprise.

Learn more about NCI's mission for Cancer Research in China, role, and the history of U.S.-China collaborations in cancer research.

NCI-supported researchers work with several Chinese research institutes and organizations in areas of mutual interest.

Background information about funding opportunities to support U.S.-China research cooperation.

A summary of recent meetings and activities focusing on NCI's current scientific collaborations with China.

Contact information for the CGH staff based in China.