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Meeting with the Chinese Minister of Health

Meeting with the Chinese Minister of Health


Back Row:

  • Daimei Feng, ESTH, U.S. Embassy
  • Tina Chung, FIC
  • Mr. Liu Dengfeng, Vice Director General of Science and Education Division of MOH
  • Kong Lingzhi, Deputy Director General, MOH Bureau of Disease Control; oversees chronic diseases
  • Zeng Yixin, Vice President, CAMS.
  • Cao Xuetao, Vice President, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS).
  • Sun Jikuan, Acting Deputy Director, Department of International Cooperation, CAMS

Front Row:

  • Ray Chen, Medical Officer, NIAID
  • Julie Schneider, Program Director, NCI
  • Roger Glass, Director, FIC
  • Francis Collins, Director, NIH
  • Chen Zhu, Minister
  • Liu Depei, President, CAMS
  • Li Liming, VP CAMS
  • Li Juan, Department of International Cooperation, MOH