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The information and links on this page are no longer being updated and are provided for reference purposes only.

Featured MeetingsFeatured Meetings

This is a list of selected scientific meetings sponsored by NCI and other organizations. For locations and times and a more complete list of scientific meetings, including NCI's weekly seminars and presentations open to the public, see the NCI Calendar of Scientific Meetings at

2004 NCI Advisory Committee Upcoming Meetings February-March
Feb 18-19
Advisory Committee
National Cancer Advisory Board
Mar 15-16Clinical Sciences and Epidemiology - Subcommittee 1, Board of Scientific Counselors, NCI
Mar 15-16Basic Sciences - Subcommittee 2, Board of Scientific Counselors, NCI
Mar 15-16NCI Board of Scientific Advisors
Selected Upcoming Meetings of Interest
Feb 11-13
Scientific & Technological Advances in Cancer Research: Integrated Approaches to Effective Detection, Prognosis and Treatment of Cancer
NCI Speakers
Dr. J. Carl Barrett, Director, Center for Cancer Research
Feb 12-14Tumor Prevention and Genetics 2004Dr. Peter Greenwald, Director, Division of Cancer Prevention
Feb 23-26International Conference on Drug DevelopmentDr. Andrew C. von Eschenbach, Director
Feb 25-26Central Florida Health Care Coalition's 11th Annual National ConferenceDr. Ellen Feigal, Acting Director, Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
Feb 26-28The Last Miles of the Way Home: National Conference to Improve End-of-Life Care for African AmericansDr. Harold P. Freeman, Director, Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities
NCI Exhibits
Feb 12-16
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Seattle, Washington

NCI Exhibits
NCI Exhibits are presented at various professional and society meetings. Further information about the NCI Exhibits program can be found at