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Funding OpportunitiesFunding Opportunities

The NCI Career Development Award for Quantitative Scientists

Letter of Intent Receipt Date: March 22, 2004
Application Receipt Date: April 20, 2004

The purpose of this Request for Applications (RFA) is to solicit applications to encourage doctoral-level quantitative scientists to develop and apply their skills to biomedical cancer research. Examples of scientific and technical backgrounds considered appropriate for this award are physics, mathematics, computer science, imaging science, informatics, statistics, economics, chemistry, engineering, and nanotechnology. The RFA will use the K25 award mechanism.

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Inquiries: Dr. Lester S. Gorelic,

An SBIR/STTR Initiative for Image-Guided Cancer Interventions

Application Receipt Dates: April 1, 2004;
Aug.1, 2004; Dec. 1, 2004; April 1, 2005;
Aug. 1, 2005; Dec. 1, 2005

The purpose of this Program Announcement (PA) is to support the development and clinical validation of systems for image-guided interventions (IGI) for cancer. Specifically, the goals of this program are to provide support for 1) the development and optimization of fully integrated cancer imaging, monitoring, and therapy systems; 2) the validation of integrated IGI systems through clinical evaluations; 3) the development of multiple prototype integrated IGI systems as required for multisite clinical evaluations; and 4) partnerships among businesses and academic clinical centers, in order to reach the research goals.

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Inquiries: Dr. Keyvan Farahani,;
Dr. Laurence P. Clarke,

Development of Assays for High-Throughput Drug Screening

Application Receipt Dates: June 1, 2004;
Oct. 1, 2004; Feb. 1, 2005; June 1, 2005;
Oct. 1, 2005; Feb. 1, 2006; June 1, 2006;
Oct. 1, 2006; Feb. 1, 2007

The purpose of this PA is to encourage the use of high-throughput small molecule screening for use in both research and drug discovery programs by funding the development of innovative assays that may be adapted for automated screening. NCI is especially interested in proposals related to cancer prevention, treatment, or treatment monitoring with imaging agents.

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Inquiries: Dr. Ronald J. Dubois,