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The information and links on this page are no longer being updated and are provided for reference purposes only.


Dr. David Hunter Dr. David Hunter Appointed as NCI Eminent Scholar
Dr. David Hunter, Vincent L. Gregory Professor of Cancer Prevention at Harvard School of Public Health, has been appointed as an NCI Eminent Scholar in the Intramural Research Program (IRP). As part of an NCI initiative aimed at re-engineering the IRP, the Scholars Program was established to allow distinguished extramural scientists to work closely with intramural scientists in developing high-priority research programs and platforms.

In collaboration with investigators in the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, as well as the Center for Cancer Research, Dr. Hunter will help develop strategies to apply emerging genomic and molecular technologies, including whole genome scans, to large-scale population studies designed to uncover common low-penetrant genes that predispose to cancer. The work will take place at the NCI Core Genotyping Facility, and should inform the strategic partnerships being developed in molecular epidemiology, such as the cohort and case-control consortia involving extramural-intramural collaborations that were described in the Feb. 24 issue of the NCI Cancer Bulletin.

Other NCI Eminent Scholars include Dr. Michael Sporn of Dartmouth Medical School, who is involved in an NIH-prevention initiative through CCR, and Dr. Mauro Ferrari of Ohio State University, who is helping to develop the Nanotechnology Alliance for NCI through the Office of Technology and Industrial Relations.

NCI Awards Outstanding Mentors and Mentors of Merit
NCI created the Outstanding Mentor Award in 2001 to recognize investigators who have shown an exceptional commitment to the next generation of scientists. This year's Outstanding Mentors are Dr. Daniel McVicar, Dr. Joost Oppenheim, and Dr. Stuart Rudikoff.

The Mentors of Merit are Dr. Shine Chang, Dr. Wong-Ho Chow, Dr. Adam Glick, Dr. Nancy Jenkins, Dr. Neal Copeland, Dr. Ilona Linnoila, Dr. Alan Perantoni, Dr. Paul Randazzo, and Dr. Michael Smith.

Investigators were nominated by their fellows, students, and other trainees according to criteria including the mentor's ability to provide clear expectations, open communication, a supportive work environment, credit and recognition for one's work, and preparation for future career development. The recipients will be honored officially at the NCI Awards Ceremony on October 28.

NCI Director Encourages Tour of Hope Riders
NCI Director Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach participated in two rallies for the second annual Tour of Hope, an 8-day, 3,500-mile cross-country bike ride that seeks to emphasize increased participation in cancer clinical trials. The first event took place at the Nevada Cancer Institute in Las Vegas on Oct. 2 and was followed by a rally at the University of Colorado Cancer Center on Oct. 4. At both events, Dr. von Eschenbach praised the riders for their courage and urged local communities to help spread the message about cancer research and the importance of clinical trials.

The Tour of Hope team, led by cancer survivor and six-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, comprises other cancer survivors, researchers, nurses, physicians, and caregivers. The team will be welcomed into Washington, D.C., on October 9 by Lance Armstrong. Other dignitaries will also be on hand for the event, including Dr. von Eschenbach, Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona, and President's Cancer Panel Chair Dr. LaSalle Leffall. For more information about the grand finale, visit:

Grochow Leaving NCI
Dr. Louise B. Grochow, Investigational Drug Branch (IDB) chief, is leaving NCI to join AstraZeneca as global product medical director for emerging oncology products. She came to IDB after 20 years at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and has directed the largest cancer early drug development program in the world since 1999. Under her leadership, the early clinical trials programs were optimized to meet the challenges of evaluating targeted treatments for cancer. IDB is currently developing more than 150 new agents in more than 400 clinical trials. Dr. Anthony J. Murgo, a medical oncologist and hematologist, has been named IDB acting chief. He came to NCI in 1996 from the FDA's Division of Oncology Drug Products and has been heading IDB chemotherapy development since 2001.