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The information and links on this page are no longer being updated and are provided for reference purposes only.


Dr. Leland Hartwell Hartwell Presents Trent Lecture
On November 30, Dr. Leland Hartwell, Nobel laureate and president of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, presented the 2004 Jeffrey M. Trent Lecture in Cancer Research, "Opportunities to Improve Cancer Outcomes." He discussed strategies to improve diagnostic biomarkers for early detection, a critical area of cancer treatment. "We already have a cure for cancer," he said. "If we can detect it early enough, then surgery can cure cancer." Dr. Hartwell noted that while the pipeline for discovery of a new anticancer drug could cost as much as $800 million, new biomarkers could be discovered at a fraction of the cost. While humans have more than a million protein species that could be used as biomarkers, Dr. Hartwell said that improved knowledge about the processes within cancer cells would allow researchers to find a small number of suitable candidate proteins within that group.

New Opportunities for Cancer Research in NIH Roadmap
Many funding opportunities, including new initiatives and re-announcements, are available for applications in the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research, a series of initiatives designed to transform the nation's medical research capabilities. Current NIH Roadmap funding opportunities can be found at: Up-to-date information throughout the coming year can be found on the NIH Roadmap home page at

NCI and the cancer research community are uniquely positioned to participate in the NIH Roadmap efforts. NCI staff and investigators are playing key roles on a number of the Roadmap activities that began in fiscal year 2004, contributing over $16.2 million in support and providing expertise to the theme areas and initiatives that align closely with the institute's strategic priorities and overall mission. Activities include nanomedicine; the creation of an imaging probe database, regional translational research centers, and core services; and the creation and support of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research teams of the future. Information about NCI's participation in the NIH Roadmap is available at

In the November 23 lead story on genetic signatures that predict survival in patients with follicular lymphoma, the NCI Cancer Bulletin incorrectly stated that the NCI research team used the Lymphochip created in Dr. Louis Staudt's laboratory to perform gene expression profiles. In fact, the researchers used another commercially available microarray. We regret the error.