NCI Cancer Bulletin: A Trusted Source for Cancer Research News
NCI Cancer Bulletin: A Trusted Source for Cancer Research News
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CIS Publications Ordering Services Delivers Needed Materials

RFA Released for CIS
Research Grant
NCI released a Request for Applications (RFA) for "Exploratory Grants for Increasing the Utilization and Impact of NCI's CIS" to stimulate research that explores communication strategies to increase the use and effectiveness of existing cancer information sources by underserved populations. Formative research that examines how to engage health care providers in using and referring patients to CIS is of special interest. The deadline for applications is April 19. For more information, go to
What You Need To Know About Breast Cancer As part of its legislated mission, NCI actively supports information dissemination activities via CIS. Through its Publications Ordering Service, CIS ensures that the public, as well as health care professionals, are given easy access to up-to-date information - in a variety of media formats - regarding cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment measures.

Despite the advent of the Internet information revolution in the 1990s, many Americans still rely on the printed word for health information. In response, CIS makes available nearly 360 NCI publications and fact sheets in English, with 81 of these materials also available in Spanish, through its Publications Ordering Service. NCI publications are designed to address a vast range of cancer-related topics - from encouraging screening for breast and cervical cancers to coping with the emotional burden of cancer and understanding the clinical trials process.

According to the NCI Office of Communications Annual Report, in 2005, the CIS Publications Ordering Service distributed 6.4 million publications, including 1.2 million booklets belonging to NCI's "What You Need to Know About Cancer" series. Last year, 133,561 orders for printed material were received, comprising 32,808 phone orders, 69,294 online orders, and 31,459 orders from other sources. An average of 20 to 30 thousand copies of publications and other materials are distributed each day.

To handle this demand, the CIS Publications Ordering Service maintains an average monthly inventory of 27 to 28 million copies of NCI materials. Orders for cancer patients, families, and friends are shipped by priority mail for delivery within 3 business days after an order has been placed.

The CIS Publications Ordering Service has adopted new technologies, such as the bar code scanning system, to better serve the public through increased efficiency and accuracy. Current accuracy in shipping, fulfillment, and inventory management is nearly 100 percent.


CIS Partners with CNP

In 2005, NCI's Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities awarded 25 Community Networks Program (CNP) grants. CIS and CNPs collaborate to reach communities and populations that experience a disproportionate share of the cancer burden (e.g., African Americans, American Indians/Alaska Natives, Hawaiian Natives and other Pacific Islanders, Asians, and Hispanics/Latinos) and reduce cancer health disparities by conducting community-based participatory education, training, and research among racial/ethnic minorities and underserved populations.

CNPs build upon partnerships that were developed between CIS and the Special Populations Networks previously funded by NCI. These grantees have developed community-based infrastructures that provide expertise in culturally competent cancer awareness activities and training of researchers from racial and ethnic minorities and underserved populations to conduct community-based participatory research.