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February 9, 2010 • Volume 7 / Number 3


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Chromosomes inside the silhouette of a person depicting personalized medicineMelanoma Drugs Have Unintended Effects in Some Tumors

Some patients with advanced melanoma have had dramatic responses to a new class of targeted drugs in early stage clinical trials. While the long-term effects of these drugs, called BRAF inhibitors, are not yet known, two reports suggest that these drugs may have unintended consequences in patients whose tumors lack mutations in the BRAF gene. Read more > >


Dr. Lenora JohnsonGuest Director's Update: Join the Evolution

by Dr. Lenora Johnson

We all know the cliché, but it's true nevertheless: We live in a small world, one that seems to get smaller with each new technological advance. Almost immediately after the tragic earthquake in Haiti, for instance, smart phones, Twitter feeds, and blogs were literally buzzing with the news, and almost as quickly people responded with aid, often using these same communication tools. Even now, in the midst of record snow storms blanketing the nation's capital, NCI's ability to communicate vital information is hardly affected. Read more > >




  • FDA Update

    • Another Use for the Cancer Drug Lapatinib

    NIH Update

    • NIH Clinical Center to Track Radiation Doses from Diagnostic Imaging Update

    • Online Course for Health Professionals on Clinical Trials


    • NCI's Dr. Robert Wiltrout Named FLC's Lab Director of the Year
    • Learn about NCI's Cancer Biobank at caHUB Public Information Meetings
    • NCI Symposium Will Look at Translational Genomics
    • World Cancer Day Observed on February 4
    • NCI and AACC Partner to Bridge Gap between Lab and Clinic

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