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February 9, 2010 • Volume 7 / Number 3

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Online Course for Health Professionals on Clinical Trials

A new interactive, online course for health professionals, Including Clinical Trials in Your Practice, is now available from NCI. This free tutorial emphasizes the importance of clinical trials, discusses challenges clinical trial investigators face, and offers solutions to those challenges. The narrated tutorial includes eight different modules, case studies, and interactive exercises that address:

  • Becoming an investigator
  • Initial site preparation
  • Choosing the trial(s)
  • Building and training the research team
  • Handling site logistics
  • Recruiting and enrolling participants
  • Working with referring clinicians
  • Ensuring data integrity

With this course, oncologists will understand the process and steps involved in including NCI-sponsored clinical trials in their practice. Oncology practices, for instance, may likely find some of the modules helpful for determining whether clinical trials are a good fit for their practice. Other modules offer a better understanding of how to recruit, enroll, and retain patients in a trial. This course can also serve as an orientation or a refresher for oncology staff on best practices for including clinical trials in their practice.

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