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Office of Communications and Education

  • Updated: 03/15/2010


The Office of Communications and Education (OCE) is located within the NCI Office of the Director. OCE consists of the following:

Director's Office

Lenora Johnson, Director
Nelvis Castro, Associate Director, Multicultural and International Communications

  • Office of the Director (OCE/OD)
  • Communications Planning and Coordination Branch (CPCB)
  • Business Operations Branch (BOB)
  • Communications Technology Branch (CTB)

Major Components

  • Office of Public Information and Resource Management (OPIRM)
  • Office of Partnerships and Dissemination Initiatives (OPDI)
  • Office of Cancer Content Management (OCCM)
    • Cancer Publications Branch (CPB)
    • International Cancer Research Databank Branch (ICRDB)
  • Office of Market Research and Evaluation (OMRE)
  • Office of Communications Services (OCS)