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  • Updated: 03/15/2010

Information Products

  • NCI's Web site, - Winner of the prestigious Webby and FREDDIE Awards, the NCI's Web site serves as a primary point of access for cancer-related information for all of NCI's constituents.

  • Physician Data Query (PDQ®) - NCI's comprehensive cancer information database, PDQ, contains peer-reviewed information summaries about cancer treatment, screening, prevention, genetics, supportive care, and complementary and alternative medicine; more than 8,000 open and 19,000 closed clinical trials from around the world; and directories of physicians, genetics professionals, and organizations that provide cancer care. The International Cancer Research Databank Branch is responsible for managing PDQ.

  • NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms - This resource contains more than 6,800 cancer-related terms and is updated several times a month. Terms are also used to provide glossary support for patient-oriented information on NCI's Web site.

  • NCI Drug Dictionary - A dictionary that contains technical definitions, alternate names, and links to related information for approximately 2,300 agents that are being used in the treatment of patients with cancer or cancer-related conditions.

  • NCI Fact Sheet Collection - Brief, reliable, and authoritative information for the general public about numerous cancer-related topics; NCI Fact Sheets are frequently updated based on the latest cancer research.

  • What You Need To Know About Cancer series - Publications for the general public about individual types of cancer, written in simple language and including information about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

  • Publications, including:

  • Visuals Online - NCI's image database, containing general biomedical and science-related images, cancer-specific scientific and patient care-related images, and portraits of directors and staff of the National Cancer Institute.