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Office of Communications and Education

  • Updated: 03/15/2010

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Services for NCI's Divisions, Offices, and Centers

  • Communications Strategy Planning - Staff within the OCE Office of the Director lead communications strategy and development for NCI. They work closely with OCE offices as well as other Divisions, Offices, and Centers across NCI to determine communications objectives, audiences, messages, and strategies for important initiatives. Staff can help identify channels and activities to reach particular audiences and then evaluate the results of the communications activities undertaken to inform planning and future initiatives.

  • Public Affairs Coordination - OCE represents the public face of NCI and organizes outreach programs and activities to inform and educate the public about NCI priorities. OCE promotes, disseminates, and reinforces messages about NCI's programs and goals both internally and externally. Cancer-related information is shared through the nationally known NCI Exhibit Program; an NCI Speakers Bureau; the NCI Event-Cal, which alerts staff about important cancer-related scientific meetings and conferences; and the management of NCI and OCE events. Staff facilitate the flow of information within OCE and across NCI through the OCEUpdate newsletter, Communications Strategy Roundtable meetings, and support for the Director's D-Brief messages.

  • Publications Support - OCE provides quality design and printing services; consulting services for printing, graphic design, and publications layout; and guidance on proper use of the NCI logo and the PDQ® trademark.

  • Audio/Visual and Photography Services - OCE provides photography, videography, and online visuals to Divisions, Offices, and Centers throughout NCI. Staff are available to photograph and videotape special events and to create videos, from scripting through production.

  • Web Site Design and Development - OCE serves as the design and development resource for NCI Web sites, including OCE is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the front-end interfaces and back-end infrastructures of existing and emerging technologies used to serve and other NCI content.

  • Exhibits Program - This program is a means for the Institute to have a visible presence at a variety of professional meetings. NCI exhibits are designed to inform basic and clinical cancer researchers and other health professionals about NCI programs, products, and services as well as to receive feedback from targeted audiences.

  • Library Services - The OC Library Online (LION) team supports the NCI Office of the Director and other areas of the Institute with news-alerting services, literature research, document retrieval, and document digitization services. OCE's library services and resources are available through the LION system on the NCI intranet.

  • Clearance - OCE provides clearance support for NCI's print and Web-based publications, ensuring the Institute's disseminations meet NIH and DHHS clearance requirements. It also serves as the NCI's point-of-contact for peer review requirements specified under the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB's) Guidelines for Ensuring and Maximizing the Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and Integrity of Information Disseminated by Federal Agencies. More information about Information Quality Guidelines is available on the NIH Office Policy and Analysis website.