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How the Cancer Research Process Works

Discover the many types of cancer research, from basic discoveries about human biology to clinical research evaluating new patient treatments.

Why Do Basic Research?
A discussion of the goals, nature, and some of the advances made possible by basic biomedical research

Curiosity Creates Cures
How basic biomedical research leads to new medicines, technologies, scientific tools and other payoffs

The New Genetics
The role of genes in health and disease, the basics of DNA and RNA, and new directions in genetic research

Genomic Medicine — An Updated Primer
The authors review key conceptual and technological advances in genomics. The article includes a glossary of key terms.  View an introduction to the article by NCI Director Harold Varmus. 

Translational Research
An overview of the process for translating basic discoveries into clinical treatments

From Genes to Personalized Medicines
What scientists are learning by studying how genes affect our responses to drugs

Medicines for You
How do genes affect the way people respond to medicines? Answers to common questions about this field of research, known as pharmacogenetics

The Structures of Life
How structural biology provides insight into health, disease, and the development of new medications

NCI Therapeutics Platform
A model showing how NCI funded programs work together to advance genetically informed (or personalized) medicine.

Additional Resources

Educational Resources on Medical Research
Resources from the NIH Office of Science Education highlighting various aspects of medical research, including genetics, biology, and other topics

On Cancer Research
Resources created by the American Association for Cancer Research to help cancer survivors and patient advocates learn about cancer research and advocacy

  • Updated: July 23, 2010