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Cancer Research Progress

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has made remarkable advances in cancer prevention, detection, treatment, and survivorship since Congress passed the National Cancer Act in 1971.

Cancer research over the past four decades has transformed clinical oncology, revolutionizing the way doctors approach disease. Progress in molecular biology and the completion of the human genome project has laid the foundation for new precision therapies and better screenings. Expanding talent, facilities, and ideas mean today is a time of unmatched promise in the oncological sciences. Under the auspices of NCI, scientists and researchers remain committed to achieving a future where all cancers are uncommon and easily treated.

This section provides detailed information on the advances made in cancer research and looks at the future of cancer-related research.

How Investment in Cancer Research is Benefiting the Nation

250 Years of Advances Against Cancer
Key discoveries, advances, and events related to cancer that occurred during the past two and a half centuries 

Stories of Discovery
Stories that demonstrate how NCI's role in cancer research has led to developments in cancer prevention and treatment, and has improved the lives of those fighting cancer

Cancer Site Snapshots
Brief reports detailing key information on disease incidence and mortality, NCI funding trends, relevant research activities, and recent scientific advances for several major cancer types

Cancer Trends Progress Report
A report that summarizes our nation's progress in fighting cancer based on data from numerous federal departments and agencies, including key measures of progress in prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, life after cancer, and end of life

NCI Portfolio Analyses
Reports that broadly describe the research funding and topic categories for specific portions of the NCI research portfolio