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NCI Budget Information

Current Year Budget

The fiscal year (FY) for NCI and other federal agencies runs from October 1 through September 30. From October 2013 through mid-January 2014, NCI and many other federal agencies operated under a Congressional continuing resolution, legislation that was signed into law to provide temporary funding, while Congress finalized an appropriations bill. On January 17, 2014, Congress passed, and the President signed, an appropriations bill that funded NCI and other federal agencies through the remainder of FY 2014.

The NCI Budget Process

The federal budget process involves the preparation of a number of separate reports and requests that relate to each other in varying degrees. As part of this process, NCI prepares several documents each year as required by law.

NCI prepares two budget requests for the coming fiscal year – the President’s Budget and the Professional Judgment Budget. These documents are available to Congress as it drafts the annual appropriation legislation for NCI.

The President's Budget

The Budget and Accounting Act of 1921 and the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 require that the President submit to Congress a detailed budget request for the coming fiscal year. The enacted FY 2014 budget for NCI is $4.923 billion, slightly above NCI’s $4.789 billion budget for FY 2013.

View the President's Budget for NCI.

Read the NCI Director's Congressional Testimony related to the President's Budget.

Congressional Funding for NCI

As Congress considers the President’s Budget and drafts an appropriations bill for NCI and other federal agencies, the House and Senate may propose alternative funding levels as they come to an agreement on a final appropriations bill. When Congress passes the NIH appropriations bill (or a continuing resolution if Congress does not enact an appropriation by October 1) and the President signs the appropriation into law, funding is available to the NCI and other NIH institutes and centers to fund grants, contracts, intramural research, and related activities.

View the NIH appropriations legislation, which includes provisions related to NCI.

The NCI Professional Judgment Budget

The National Cancer Act of 1971 gives NCI special authority to submit an annual budget estimate directly to the President for transmittal to Congress. Each year, NCI develops the Professional Judgment Budget, commonly known as the Bypass Budget, which reflects NCI cancer research priorities and identifies areas of potential investment in cancer research.

The NCI Bypass Budget authority in section 407 of the National Cancer Act contains the following directive: 

The Director of the Institute in carrying out the National Cancer Program [shall] prepare and submit, directly to the President for review and transmittal to Congress, an annual budget estimate (including an estimate of the number and type of personnel needs for the Institute) for the National Cancer Program, after reasonable opportunity for comment (but without change) by the Secretary [of the Department of Health and Human Services], the Director of NIH, and the Institute's advisory council.

Additional Budget Information

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