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Mind-Body Methods

Aromatherapy, yoga, and other methods used in cancer care to improve the mind’s capacity to affect bodily functions and symptoms.

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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

  • Aromatherapy and Essential Oils (PDQ®)
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    Expert-reviewed information summary about the use of aromatherapy and essential oils to improve the quality of life of cancer patients.


Self-Hypnosis Beneficial for Women Undergoing Breast Biopsy
A clinical trial found that women who used self-hypnosis during a type of core needle breast biopsy experienced anxiety relief and reduced pain when compared with standard care.

Hypnosis May Reduce Hot Flashes in Breast Cancer Survivors
A clinical trial found that women who received hypnosis had a reduction in self-reported hot flash frequency/severity and experienced  fewer hot flashes per day. They also had significant improvements in self-reported anxiety, depression, interference with daily activities, and sleep.

Spirituality in Cancer Care

  • Spirituality in Cancer Care (PDQ®)
    [ patient ] [ health professional ]
    Expert-reviewed information summary about the influence of spirituality and religion on individuals who have cancer. Various approaches for management and intervention are discussed.


Yoga for Health: An Introduction
Yoga is a mind-body practice in CAM with origins in ancient Indian philosophy. 

Scientific Results of Yoga for Health and Well-Being Video
This NCCAM video features the current scientific evidence for yoga as a complementary health practice, particularly for symptoms like chronic low-back pain. Viewers will also learn about research that explores the safety of yoga and how certain yoga poses can specifically affect a person’s body. The video also provides valuable “dos and don’ts” for consumers who are thinking about practicing yoga.

Clinical Trials for Mind-Body Methods

The list below shows the type of mind-body methods currently in U.S. clinical trials from NCI’s list of cancer clinical trials that are now enrolling participants. The list of trials can be further narrowed by location, drug, intervention, and other criteria.