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Pink Book - Making Health Communication Programs Work

Why Should You Use This Book?

The planning steps in this book can help make any communication program work, regardless of size, topic, geographic span, intended audience, or budget. (Intended audience is the term this book uses to convey what other publications may refer to as a target audience.) The key is reading all the steps and adapting those relevant to your program at a level of effort appropriate to the program's scope. The tips and sidebars throughout the book suggest ways to tailor the process to your various communication needs.

If you have limited funding, you might

  • Work with partners who can add their resources to your own
  • Conduct activities on a smaller scale
  • Use volunteer assistance
  • Seek out existing information and approaches developed by programs that have addressed similar issues to reduce developmental costs

Don’t let budget constraints keep you from setting objectives, learning about your intended audience, or pretesting. Neglecting any of these steps could limit your program's effectiveness before it starts.

This book describes a practical approach for planning and implementing health communication efforts; it offers guidelines, not hard and fast rules.Your situation may not permit or require each step outlined in the following chapters, but we hope you will consider each guideline and decide carefully whether it applies to your situation.