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I-131 NCI Reports

Fallout From Nuclear Tests and Cancer Risks (reprint from American Scientist, 2006) (PDF)

Estimated Exposures and Thyroid Doses Received by the American People from Iodine-131 in Fallout Following Nevada Atmospheric Nuclear Bomb Tests (A report from the National Cancer Institute) []

Doses by series, test, and county

October 1997 Congressional Testimony - Statement of Richard D. Klausner, M.D., Director, National Cancer Institute before Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services, Education and Related Activities.

December 1997 - Methodology for the Calculation of the Estimated Lifetime Risk of Radiation-Related Thyroid Cancer in the United States from Nevada Test Site Fallout

1999 IOM Report - Exposure of the American People to Iodine-131 from Nevada Nuclear-Bomb Tests