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Chemotherapy and You: Support for People With Cancer

  • Posted: 06/29/2007

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Chemotherapy Side Effects At-A-Glance

Below is a list of side effects that chemotherapy may cause. Not everyone gets every side effect. Which ones you have will depend on the type and dose of your chemotherapy and whether you have other health problems, such as diabetes or heart disease.

Talk with your doctor or nurse about the side effects on this list. Ask which ones may affect you and click on the link to learn more.

Names of the chemotherapy that I am getting:

You may have a lot of side effects, some, or none at all.
Side effectSide effects that may affect you
Appetite changes 
Flu-like symptoms 
Fluid retention 
Hair loss 
Mouth and throat changes 
Nausea and vomiting 
Nervous system changes 
Sexual changes 
Skin and nail changes 
Eye changes 
Urinary, kidney, and bladder changes