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When Cancer Returns

  • Updated: 07/13/2011

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A Time To Reflect

"I've been through this once, and I'll get through it again. I wish I didn't have to, but that's the challenge before me." - Janet

This is a hard time in your life. Living with cancer is tough, especially when it has come back. You battled the disease once, and now you must face it again. But you're more experienced this time around.

Use this knowledge to your advantage. Try to remember what you did before to cope. Reflect on what you might have done differently. By looking back in this way, the hope is that you may find new strength. And that this strength can help carry you through each day, and through the coming weeks and months.

"Think only of today, and when tomorrow comes, it will be today, and we will think about it." - St. Francis de Sales