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When Someone You Love Has Advanced Cancer: Support for Caregivers

  • Posted: 01/10/2012

The purpose of this book is to focus on you and your needs.

We've heard from many caregivers about things they wish they had known early on. We have collected their tips in this booklet. Some of the tips seem simple, but they may not always be easy to do.

Use this booklet in whatever way works best for you. You can read it from front to back. Or you can just refer to different sections as you need them.

"If there's one thing that has come out of taking care of someone, it's that I've learned what's important really fast. And it's a lesson I'll carry forever." - Maureen

No two people are alike. Some chapters of this booklet may apply to you while others may not. Or you may find that some sections will be more useful to you later. Or you may decide that you would rather read a different booklet right now (see below).

Terms Used: This booklet uses the terms "loved one" and "patient" throughout to describe the person you are caring for. In addition, for ease of reading, we alternate using the pronouns "he" and "she" when referring to the person with cancer.

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