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When Your Brother or Sister Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens

  • Posted: 12/26/2013

Appendix B: Cancer Team Members

NurseA health professional trained to care for people who are ill or disabled
Nutritionist/ dietitianA health professional with special training in nutrition who can help with dietary choices
OncologistA doctor who specializes in treating people with cancer. Some oncologists specialize in certain types of cancer or certain types of cancer treatment.
Patient educatorEducates patients and families about illness
PharmacistDispenses medicines for patients
Physical therapistTeaches exercises and physical activities that help patients gain more muscle strength and movement
PsychiatristA doctor who treats mental health problems, including depression, with medicine and talk therapy
PsychologistTalks with patients and their families about emotional and personal matters and helps them make decisions, but does not write prescriptions for medicines
RadiologistA doctor who looks at x-rays and other images of the body
Religious or spiritual leaderAddresses the spiritual and emotional health of patients and their families. This can be a chaplain, minister, priest, rabbi, imam, or youth group leader.
Social workerTalks with people and their families about emotional or physical needs and helps them find support services
SurgeonA doctor who removes or repairs a part of the body by operating on the patient