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Fact Sheets: Cancer Type

  • Bone Cancer
    (Reviewed: 03/13/2008) - A fact sheet about the diagnosis and treatment of cancers that develop in the bones.
  • Cancer in Children and Adolescents
    (Reviewed: 05/12/2014) - A fact sheet about statistics, types, causes, and treatment of cancers in children and adolescents in the United States.
  • Head and Neck Cancers
    (Reviewed: 02/01/2013) - A fact sheet about the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and rehabilitation for cancers of the head and neck.
  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer
    (Reviewed: 04/18/2012) - A fact sheet about the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), an uncommon type of cancer in which the breast becomes red, swollen, and warm.
  • Metastatic Cancer
    (Reviewed: 03/28/2013) - A fact sheet about metastasis, the spread of cancer to other parts of the body. Discusses the diagnosis and treatment of cancer that has spread.
  • Paget Disease of the Breast
    (Reviewed: 04/10/2012) - A fact sheet about Paget disease of the breast, a rare type of cancer that is sometimes called Paget disease of the nipple or mammary Paget disease.