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Table 1. Strains of NDV Tested in Human/Clinical Cancer Studiesa

NDV Strain  Strain Type Formulation Suggested Mechanism(s) of Action  Reference Citation(s)  
73-TLyticInfectious virusCancer cells killed by virus; stimulation of immune system[20]
73-TLyticOncolysate vaccinebStimulation of immune system[11,42,45,60,63,65,67-70]
UlsterNonlyticInfected tumor-cell vaccineStimulation of immune system[49,50,52-58,71-73]
MTH-68LyticInfectious virusCancer cells killed by virus; stimulation of immune system[1,6,61,66]
ItalienLyticOncolysate vaccine/infectious virusStimulation of immune system; cancer cells killed by virus[62,64]
HickmanLyticInfectious virusCancer cells killed by virus; stimulation of immune system[80]
PV701LyticInfectious virusCancer cells killed by virus; stimulation of immune system[59]
HUJLyticInfectious virusCancer cells killed by virus; stimulation of immune system[81]
La SotaNot specifiedInfected tumor cell vaccineNot specified[82]

aRefer to text and the NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms for additional information and definition of terms.
bOncolysates are prepared from virus-infected cancer cells; they consist primarily of cell membrane fragments and contain virus proteins and cancer cell proteins.


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