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Table 7. FNCLCC Histologic Grading System

FNCLCC = Fédération Nationale des Centres de Lutte Contre Le Cancer; HPF = high-power field.
Tumor Differentiation
Score 1Sarcoma closely resembling normal adult mesenchymal tissue (e.g., well-differentiated liposarcoma)
Score 2Sarcomas for which histologic typing is certain (e.g., myxoid liposarcoma)
Score 3Embryonal and undifferentiated sarcomas, sarcomas of doubtful type, and synovial sarcomas
Mitotic Count
Score 10–9 mitoses per 10 HPF
Score 210–19 mitoses per 10 HPF
Score 3≥20 mitoses per 10 HPF
Tumor Necrosis
Score 0No necrosis
Score 1<50% tumor necrosis
Score 2≥50% tumor necrosis