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Gestational Trophoblastic Disease Treatment (PDQ®)

  • Updated: 04/25/2014

Table 2. Specifics of the EMA/CO Regimena,b,c

Day Drug Dose 
1Etoposide100 mg/m2 IV for 30 min
Dactinomycin0.5 mg IV push
Methotrexate300 mg/m2 IV for 12 h
2Etoposide100 mg/m2 IV for 30 min
Dactinomycin0.5 mg IV push
Folinic Acid15 mg or PO every 12 h × 4 doses, beginning 24 h after the start of methotrexate
8Cyclophosphamide600 mg/m2 IV infusion
Vincristine0.8–1.0 mg/m2 IV push (maximum dose 2 mg)

IV = intravenously; PO = orally.
aAdapted from Bower et al.[3]
bAdapted from Escobar et al.[4]
cAdapted from Lurain et al.[5]


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