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  • Posted: 04/07/2006
  • Reviewed: 11/04/2010

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Fibers and Dusts

Some fibers and dusts can increase the risk of lung-related cancers.

Asbestos is linked to increased risks of lung cancer and mesothelioma, a rare cancer of the lining of the lung and abdominal cavity. In the past, asbestos was widely used in construction, but its use has been restricted. However, workers employed in construction, electrical work, or carpentry may still be exposed through renovations or asbestos-removal projects.

Other fibers and dusts (including silica dust and wood dust) can increase the risks of cancers of the lung, nasal cavities, and sinuses.

Wear a well-fitting mask if your job exposes you to fine particles, fibers, or dust.

Fibers and Dusts