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Targeted Therapies for Prostate Cancer Tutorial


This is a split screen image. Shown on the left is a close-up of a surgeon's gloved hands using forceps during surgery, and on the right is a patient receiving radiation therapy. The screen text reads: Prostate Cancer.

While prostate cancer is commonly treated first with surgery or radiation, sometimes a different strategy is appropriate.

An approach called targeted therapies may be the treatment of choice when cancer recurs or when a patient's tumor can be controlled at an earlier stage by manipulating its growth signals.

Targeted therapies are possible because clinical researchers have identified several good molecular targets in the cancer cell. Some therapies are FDA-approved, and others are still being evaluated in clinical trials. Because cancer frequently involves alterations in multiple signaling pathways, clinical trials often test combinations of targeted therapies along with standard treatments.

This tutorial will show you a variety of targeted therapies that oncologists are using to treat prostate cancer including new hormone therapies, therapeutic vaccines, and new taxane combinations.