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Targeted Therapies for Prostate Cancer Tutorial

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Summary & Conclusions

In This Section:


FDA-Approved targeted therapies

Several targeted therapies have already been approved by the FDA for treatment of prostate cancer, and the number will likely increase as research continues to take place.

Shown are two healthcare professionals in a hospital. Screen text overlay reads: More targeted therapies will be approved as research continues to take place.

Visit the FDA and NCI Web sites for additional information about clinical trials.

Shown are web pages from the FDA and the National Cancer Institute. The caption contains the two web site addresses: and


About clinical trials

Clinical researchers are finding ways to use targeted therapies to effectively treat cancer. Since dozens of these new, innovative targeted therapies have not yet been approved by the FDA, clinical trials may be the only opportunity for patients to access them at present. Unfortunately, only 3 percent of adults with cancer choose this route and enroll in clinical trials.

A recent study indicated that 65 percent of patients would have been receptive to clinical trial enrollment if they had been made aware of the option at the time of initial diagnosis.

Eighty-seven percent would consider participating in a clinical trial if their initial treatment failed.

Physicians have the responsibility to talk to their patients about clinical trials and help them identify appropriate trials if the patients are interested.


Finding clinical trials

To do your own search for clinical trials, visit the Clinical Trials section of the National Cancer Institute's website at

Shown is a picture of the National Cancer Institute's website. Screen caption reads: National Cancer Institute's clinical trials website

The NCI Web site has information about clinical trials that are sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, pharmaceutical companies, medical centers, and other groups from around the world.

Shown In the background is a picture of the NCI Clinical Trials Web site. Screen text overlay reads: Contains information about clinical trials that are sponsored by the NCI and other groups around the world.

There are targeted therapies for prostate cancer in all phases of clinical study. Many of these targeted therapies target the cellular processes discussed in this tutorial.


Additional resources

Additional information about cancer clinical trials can be found at, which will help a patient find cancer trials at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Shown in the background is a picture of the Clinical Trials at NCI Web site. Screen text overlay reads:

For answers to additional questions about cancer, visit the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service Web page at

This Web page includes a link for accessing LiveHelp, a live, online service that provides information about cancer, including information about ongoing clinical trials.

Shown is a picture of the NCI Cancer Information Service website. Screen text overlay reads:

The public also may contact the Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER.