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Study of Antiangiogenic Therapy for Kidney Cancer

Name of the Trial

Phase III Randomized Study of Interferon alfa-2b with or without Bevacizumab in Patients with Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma (CALGB-90206). See the protocol summary.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Brian Rini of the University of California-San Francisco Comprehensive Cancer Center and Dr. Simon Tanguay of the National Cancer Institute of Canada.

Why This Trial Is Important

Dr. Brian Rini
Dr. Brian Rini, Principal Investigator (Photo courtesy of Christine Jegan)

Renal cell cancer, also known as kidney cancer, can often be cured if it is diagnosed and treated when still localized to the kidney and the immediately surrounding tissue. However, the prognosis for patients with advanced renal cell cancer is poor.

Interferon alfa-2b is a standard initial treatment for advanced kidney cancer and may have an antitumor effect via multiple mechanisms. In addition to stimulation of the immune system, interferon may decrease blood vessel formation to tumors, a process called angiogenesis.

Adding another antiangiogenic agent such as bevacizumab (Avastin®) may improve the effectiveness of this initial kidney cancer treatment. Bevacizumab is an antibody that attaches to and neutralizes vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), the major pro-angiogenic protein. This trial will compare the effectiveness of interferon alfa-2b plus bevacizumab versus interferon alfa-2b alone in treating patients who have advanced renal cell carcinoma.

“This is the first phase III trial investigating a possible survival benefit from bevacizumab for kidney cancer,” said Dr. Rini. “Because bevacizumab specifically blocks VEGF, a protein that is important in tumor angiogenesis and over expressed as a result of the inherent biology of renal cell carcinoma, we believe that this type of therapy will be a major new therapeutic force in the treatment of the disease.”

Contact Information

This trial is closed to further patient accrual. To find other clinical trials for kidney cancer, search the NCI's database of clinical trials or call the NCI's Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER (1-800-422-6237). The call is toll-free and completely confidential.

Published Results

Rini BI, Halabi S, Taylor J, et al.: Cancer and Leukemia Group B 90206: A randomized phase III trial of interferon-alpha or interferon-alpha plus anti-vascular endothelial growth factor antibody (bevacizumab) in metastatic renal cell carcinoma. Clin Cancer Res 10 (8): 2584-6, 2004.[PUBMED Abstract]

  • Posted: February 3, 2004