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Breast Cancer - Featured Clinical Trials

The following list shows Featured Clinical Trials for a specific type of cancer. You may also want to view:

  • Testing a New Drug in Advanced BRCA-related Cancer
    (Posted: 09/08/2009) - In this clinical trial, women with advanced breast or ovarian cancer who carry a known BRCA gene mutation or who have a strong family history of these diseases (and are, therefore, likely to carry such a mutation) will be treated with a new drug called AZD2281 (olaparib) together with the chemotherapy drug carboplatin.
  • Optimizing Postoperative Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer
    (Posted: 06/16/2009) - In this trial, women with early-stage breast cancer deemed by their doctors to be at high risk for recurrence will receive adjuvant chemotherapy with either cyclophosphamide and doxorubicin or paclitaxel given four times over an 8-week period.
  • Targeting Resistance to Endocrine Therapy in Advanced Breast Cancer
    (Posted: 04/07/2009) - In this phase III clinical trial, women with advanced, hormone receptor-positive breast cancer will be randomly assigned to receive hormonal therapy (with letrozole or tamoxifen) and either bevacizumab or a placebo.
  • Enhancing Cancer Information Materials with Multimedia
    (Posted: 02/10/2009) - Patients with newly diagnosed prostate or breast cancer or who are finishing or recently completed breast cancer treatment and who call the NCI's Cancer Information Service for information will be invited to participate in a trial of multimedia information during the call.
  • Using Circulating Tumor Cells to Guide Treatment
    (Posted: 10/07/2008) - In this trial, women with metastatic breast cancer who are scheduled to undergo chemotherapy will be tested to determine their blood level of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) before treatment. Those with elevated CTCs will be tested again after the first round of chemotherapy and either stay on their current chemotherapy regimen or be assigned to a new regimen if their CTCs are still elevated.
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