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Cervical Cancer - Featured Clinical Trials

The following list shows Featured Clinical Trials for a specific type of cancer. You may also want to view:

  • Sequencing Treatment with a PARP Inhibitor and Chemotherapy
    (Posted: 09/06/2011) - In this clinical trial, patients will be treated in 21-day cycles, with the first cycle being either intravenous carboplatin on day 1 followed by 7 days of oral olaparib or oral olaparib for 7 days followed by intravenous carboplatin on day 8. In the second cycle, the treatment assignments will be reversed.
  • New Chemotherapy Drug for Advanced Cervical Cancer
    (Posted: 04/06/2010) - In this clinical trial, women with cervical cancer that has recurred or demonstrated resistance to previous chemotherapy and that cannot be treated surgically will be treated with the drug ixabepilone.
  • Defining Optimal Therapy for Metastatic and Recurrent Cervical Cancer
    (Posted: 12/15/2009) - In this phase III trial, women with metastatic, recurrent, or persistent cervical cancer that cannot be treated with surgery and/or radiation therapy will be randomly assigned to one of four treatment groups: paclitaxel plus cisplatin, paclitaxel plus topotecan, or either of these combinations with the addition of bevacizumab.