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Colon and Rectal Cancer - Featured Clinical Trials

The following list shows Featured Clinical Trials for a specific type of cancer. You may also want to view:

  • More Effective Treatment for Colorectal Metastases to the Liver
    (Posted: 03/22/2005, Updated: 06/13/2008) - In this phase II study, researchers are using a surgical procedure known as isolated hepatic perfusion (IHP) to deliver melphalan, an anticancer drug, directly to the liver while avoiding unnecessary systemic toxicity.
  • Selenium to Prevent Recurrence of Colorectal Polyps
    (Posted: 05/27/2008) - In this trial, patients who have a history of colorectal adenoma--noncancerous growths (polyps) found in the colon or rectum that can be precursors to colorectal cancer--will be randomly assigned to receive daily selenium supplements or a placebo for 3 or 5 years.
  • Continuing Bevacizumab Therapy for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
    (Posted: 03/04/2008) - In this trial, patients with metastatic colorectal cancer that has progressed on first-line therapy containing oxaliplatin and bevacizumab will be treated with the agents irinotecan and cetuximab. The patients will also be randomly assigned to receive continued bevacizumab or no additional bevacizumab.
  • Treating Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases
    (Posted: 01/16/2007, Updated: 10/23/2007) - In this trial, colorectal cancer patients with six or fewer hepatic metastases will undergo primary surgery and/or ablation and then be treated with oxaliplatin and capecitabine. Half of the patients will receive additional chemotherapy consisting of floxuridine pumped directly into their livers through an arterial catheter and pump.
  • Measuring Biological Response to Curcumin
    (Posted: 03/06/2007) - In this trial, researchers are exploring the ability of a substance called curcumin to affect biomarkers associated with precancerous lesions in the colons of smokers.
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