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Melanoma - Featured Clinical Trials

The following list shows Featured Clinical Trials for a specific type of cancer. You may also want to view:

Extending Immunotherapy for Metastatic Melanoma
(Posted: 08/08/2006, Updated: 12/26/2007) - This study will assess the safety and antitumor activity of lymphocytes that have been genetically engineered to recognize the MART-1 antigen in patients with metastatic melanoma.

Regional Chemotherapy for Inoperable Liver Metastases
(Posted: 10/09/2007) - In this trial, doctors are testing a method of delivering chemotherapy regionally to the liver called percutaneous isolated hepatic arterial perfusion (PHP) in patients with liver metastases from ocular (eye) or cutaneous (skin) melanoma.

Immunotherapy for Patients with Metastatic Melanoma
(Posted: 10/12/2004, Updated: 07/18/2007) - With this trial, researchers are testing the safety and tumor-fighting ability of a new type of immunotherapy agent in patients with metastatic melanoma that has not responded to standard treatment.

Biological Therapy for Advanced Kidney Cancer or Melanoma
(Posted: 07/10/2007) - This phase I clinical trial will assess the safety and tolerability of a new biological agent called GC1008 in patients with advanced kidney cancer or melanoma.

Gene Therapy for Metastatic Cancer
(Posted: 11/21/2006) - In the trial, researchers will harvest normal T lymphocytes from patients' blood and modify these immune system cells to recognize p53 protein, a common hallmark of many cancers. The modified cells will be enriched in the laboratory and then infused back into the patients.

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