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Multiple Myeloma/Plasma Cell Neoplasms - Featured Clinical Trials

The following list shows Featured Clinical Trials for a specific type of cancer. You may also want to view:

  • New Combination Therapy for Untreated Multiple Myeloma
    (Posted: 02/26/2013) - In this phase II trial, people with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma will be treated with carfilzomib, lenalidomide, and dexamethasone for eight 28-day treatment cycles.
  • Treating Patients with High-Risk Smoldering Myeloma
    (Posted: 12/11/2012) - In this phase III clinical trial, patients with smoldering myeloma classified as high risk for progression will be randomly assigned to undergo standard observation or six 4-week courses of treatment with the drug lenalidomide.
  • Bortezomib and Chemotherapy for Systemic Light-Chain Amyloidosis
    (Posted: 10/18/2011) - In this trial, patients with previously untreated systemic light-chain amyloidosis will be randomly assigned to receive melphalan and dexamethasone with or without bortezomib. Doctors will assess the overall hematologic response rates to these chemotherapy regimens, as well as organ responses.
  • Studying the Natural Course of Precursor Conditions to Multiple Myeloma
    (Posted: 09/20/2011) - Doctors at NCI will examine people previously diagnosed with MGUS or smoldering myeloma when they enroll in the study, after 6 months, and every 12 months for up to 5 years to identify risk factors or molecular markers that reliably predict which people will progress to full-blown multiple myeloma.
  • Preventing Smoldering Multiple Myeloma from Progressing
    (Posted: 07/12/2011) - In this trial, people diagnosed with smoldering myeloma will be treated with an experimental biological agent called IPH2101 that helps immune cells called natural killer cells, or NK cells, attack and destroy myeloma cells.
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