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Supportive Care - Featured Clinical Trials

  • Education and Exercise to Prevent Lymphedema
    (Posted: 07/24/2007) - This study compares a lymphedema-prevention education program to the same education program supplemented with an exercise regimen and counseling in women who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer and who will undergo axillary node dissection.
  • The Modafinil and Fatigue Trial
    (Posted: 01/06/2004, Updated: 06/04/2007) - This study is testing the ability of modafinil to reduce fatigue in cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy. The study will also examine the relationship between depression and fatigue in patients treated with modafinil.
  • Treatment for Malignant Ascites
    (Posted: 08/01/2006) - In this trial, researchers will randomly assign patients with malignant ascites to receive either octreotide or a placebo once a month for up to two years. The investigators will see whether octreotide can delay, or even eliminate, the need for paracentesis and assess side effects and quality of life of patients undergoing this treatment.
  • American Ginseng for Cancer-Related Fatigue
    (Posted: 01/24/2006) - In this clinical trial, researchers are testing three different doses of American ginseng to see if it can help alleviate fatigue in cancer patients who experience fatigue related to their disease or treatment.
  • Milk Thistle Extract for Chemotherapy-Induced Liver Toxicity
    (Posted: 10/04/2005) - In this trial, researchers are testing the ability of a nutritional supplement called silymarin to treat liver damage caused by chemotherapy for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
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