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Clinical Trials Search Results

Clinical Trials Search Results

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Drug:  Se-methyl-seleno-L-cysteine
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Trial Status:  Closed
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Phase: Phase II, Phase I
Type: Biomarker/Laboratory analysis, Treatment
Status: Unknown
Age: 18 and over
Sponsor: Other
Protocol IDs: CRUK-UCL-SelRICE, SelRICE, EUDRACT-2008-002678-36, EU-20902, NCT00829205


Phase: Phase I
Type: Biomarker/Laboratory analysis, Prevention
Status: Completed
Age: 18 to 70
Sponsor: NCI
Protocol IDs: NCI-2013-00505, I 87406, NCI04-4-02, NWU04-4-02, N01CN35157, P30CA060553, NU-NWU04-4-02, RPCI-I-87406, NCT00489372


Phase: Phase I
Type: Biomarker/Laboratory analysis, Prevention
Status: Closed
Age: 40 to 80
Sponsor: NCI
Protocol IDs: NCI-2012-00085, CDR0000717828, I 182210, NWU09-4-03, P30CA060553, N01CN35157, NU-NWU09-4-03, NCT01497431


Phase: No phase specified
Type: Prevention
Status: Closed
Age: 21 to 60
Sponsor: Other
Protocol IDs: 0220100243, NCT01611038
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