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Drug:  defibrotide
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Trial Status:  Closed
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Phase: Phase III
Type: Biomarker/Laboratory analysis, Supportive care
Status: Completed
Age: Not specified
Sponsor: Pharmaceutical / Industry
Protocol IDs: 2005-01, FHCRC-2098.00, 6293, GENTIUM-2005-01, NCT00410917, NCT00358501


Phase: Phase II
Type: Supportive care
Status: Closed
Age: Not specified
Sponsor: NCI, Other
Protocol IDs: CDR0000067166, DFCI-99118, DFCI-1999-P-010076/14, DUMC-00176-00-2, FHCRC-1375.00, NCI-G99-1548, CHNMC-02118, MSKCC-03-058, JHMI-00-06-02-02, NCT00003966
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