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Cancer Type/Condition:  rhabdoid tumor of the kidney
Stage/Subtype:  rhabdoid tumor of the kidney
Country:  U.S.A.
Trial Type:  Treatment
Trial Status:  Active
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Phase: Phase III
Type: Supportive care, Treatment
Status: Active
Age: Under 30 at initial diagnosis
Sponsor: NCI, Other
Protocol IDs: AREN0534, NCI-2011-01953, CDR0000649716, U10CA098543, COG-AREN0534, NCT00945009


Phase: Phase I
Type: Treatment
Status: Active
Age: Any age
Sponsor: NCI, Other
Protocol IDs: 03-133, P30CA008748, MSKCC-03133, NCT00089245


Phase: Phase I
Type: Biomarker/Laboratory analysis, Treatment
Status: Active
Age: 18 and over
Sponsor: Other
Protocol IDs: MCC-16722, NCT01606345


Phase: No phase specified
Type: Treatment
Status: Active
Age: 70 and under
Sponsor: Other
Protocol IDs: 2011OC057, MT2011-09C, NCT01505569
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