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Mandatory Cross-Agency Links in Footer

In addition to encouraging a more unified visual presence on the Web, these guidelines seek to place NCI's Web content within the context of other government sites. To that end, the home page of the NCI website includes a footer that contains links to the HHS, NIH, NCI, and websites. Note that the link to the NCI website is third in the hierarchy. Standardizing the appearance of the footer for NCI sites 

  • establishes the hierarchy in which a website fits, and
  • provides easy access to other parts of HHS, NIH, NCI, and along with other government agencies, as required by the U.S. Office of Management of Budget (OMB).
Footer example

Mandatory Information Links in Footer

OMB also requires federal agencies to post or link to certain information on their principal website and on major entry points to their sites. To satisfy this requirement, all NCI websites must include the following three links in their footers:

  • Policies (linking to
  • Accessibility (linking to
  • FOIA (linking to

For an example, see the footer for the NCI main website.

Footer required links for

Other Best Practices for Footer Links

NCI websites must include links to their site's home page and site map in the footer, as shown below:

Footer required links for other NCI sites

NIH Tagline

The NIH tagline, NIH…Turning Discovery Into Health, must appear on all NCI Web pages below the footer links.

  • Updated: March 8, 2013