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NCI Color Palette

The guidelines on this page apply specifically to the main NCI website ( Owners of NCI component sites may wish to consider these for use on their own sites.

NCI's official colors are red and gray. To create a strong, cohesive NCI presence and an intuitive website experience, the main NCI website was designed in light of this color scheme. NCI's official colors are used consistently throughout the main NCI website to help create a uniform look for the site and to reinforce the tie between the site's home page and its constituent pages.

Page Header Colors

Below are the colors that should be used for page headers throughout the NCI website to help establish the NCI brand. Since colors display differently between the printed page and computer monitors, the hexcode color #A90101 is used for NCI red, as it most accurately matches the print-based color value.

Table Formatting Colors

When creating tables, specific colors should be used for the outline rules and the shading of table cells.

Custom Header Colors

Where sections of pages require a custom header, a choice of secondary colors is available.

Example of a Web Page Using the NCI Official Colors

  • Updated: May 3, 2012