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The guidelines on this page apply specifically to the main NCI website ( Owners of NCI component sites may wish to consider these for use on their own sites.

Consistent and carefully chosen typography throughout a website enhances the site's appearance and readability. The text on the main NCI website is created either as HTML code or as graphics. Below are examples of the fonts used in each case. No other fonts or style of typography should be used on the site.

Graphical Text

Univers is the primary preferred font for any graphical text used on the NCI website. A suitable substitution is Helvetica or Arial if Univers is not available.


Arial is the primary font for all live HTML text used on the site. The main body text on the site is 12 point in size – slightly larger for titles and headers. Test results performed by Forrester Research show 12 point type as the optimal size for reading on the Web. In general, the main text on the NCI site is dark gray (HTML Colorcode #4D4D4D), and the titles and headers are Black (HTML Colorcode #000000).

  • Updated: May 3, 2012